Sherri's May Madness Board Challenge

Sherri Coffelt
Salinas, CA

About my Fundraiser
I am honored to have recently joined the Board of Directors for a relatively new non profit organization called Dare to Dream Fund. Dare to Dream Fund's programs systematically teach young people the fundamental skill of goal achievement so that they link their career & life aspirations with higher education.

What happens when you show young people that anything is possible?  What happens when they realize the sky is the limit and they can be anything they want to be?

This is what happens: young people stay in school.  They commit to achieving their goals.  They value themselves. And they make a difference in our world.

At Dare to Dream Fund, they set young people on a path to achieving their life goals. Some of the programs founded by Dare To Dream Fund include the "I Can" and the "I Will" programs for elementary aged school children. In these programs, children write and publish their own books, telling the stories of their goals and dreams.

This month, our Board has taken on the challenge of raising $500 each to support Dare to Dream Fund in achieving its mission.  I'm personally inviting you to join my cause by making a donation. Any donation helps and I know you'll agree that this is a great cause! If you have any questions about Dare To Dream Fund, I'd be happy to answer them. Just call me or e-mail and we'll talk. Thanks in advance for your support of this amazing cause.