Dawn's May Madness Board Challenge

Dawn Verdick

About my Fundraiser

Dear Family,

We recently formed our board and had our first meeting this week.  I left each Board member with a challenge to raise $500 to support Dare to Dream Fund achieve its mission.  I however have put myself on a personal stretch as the Chairman of the Board to raise $1000.  Anything you can do to support me in this effort would be greatly appreciated.  I know times are tough but you have no idea how far $20 can go.  

As you know, Dare to Dream Fund's programs systematically teach young people the fundamental skill of goal achievement so that they link their career & life aspirations with higher education.

What happens when you show young people that anything is possible?  What happens when they realize the sky is the limit and they can be anything they want to be?

This is what happens: young people stay in school.  They commit to achieving their goals.  They value themselves.

Love you, Dawn