Dare to Dream Fund 2010 Campaign

Dare to Dream is raising $90,000 to support its programs for 2009
5 Reasons to Give to Dare to Dream Fund

  1. The need exists & is substantial.  Dare to Dream prepares young people for college and for life. Navigating the path to college and a career is the road to the American Dream. For many young people, this path is simply not available to them. Dare to Dream provides young people with the tools to access that path.
  2. Return on your investment.  According to the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, the State of California will need 55% more college educated workers by 2025. In the big picture, supporting Dare to Dream means investing in a talented workforce and a more just and equitable society.
  3. Giving feels good.  Contribution is a one of the core values we teach our young people. It's the only way all of us can truly manifest our vision--collaboration & contribution.
  4. We need more college graduates.  The high school drop-out rate for the state of California is 30%, double the national rate. For every 10 students who start high school in California, fewer than 3.7 will go to college and fewer than 1.9 will complete a degree (bachelor’s or associate’s).  The diminishing quality and quantity of the California workforce is not a new phenomenon. A contribution to Dare to Dream is a vote for hope and for change.
  5. Our young people deserve your support.  When we say our vision is to provide every young person the opportunity to discover their potential in school, at work and in life, we mean it...EVERY YOUNG PERSON, EVERY CHILD deserves this in life.
There is no better time than now to invest in our nation’s future and our children. We look forward to the results we create together in the years to come.

With gratitude,

Dawn Verdick                         
Founder & President       

Nina Rosete
Vice President
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